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What is Museum?

Museum is unique generative NFT art project that looks to capture distinct moments of our history. Each unique NFT will change identity (for 48hrs) inspired to that specific day on the calendar year. The time of switch over will be pegged at 12am GMT.

How does the morphing work?

To determine if we're in a "Holiday" the contract takes the current time and does some math to determine the previous midnight GMT. So inputting today at 10am GMT would give you the time from 10 hours ago. It then checks the list of Holidays to see if any of them are supposed to start at that time. If not then it subtracts 24 hours from that time to check the previous day since each Holiday will last 48 hours. If a Holiday does exist then it fetches the URI that contains the art for that specific Holiday. If one does not exist then it uses the default URI that just shows the default artwork.

We will have a connect wallet page on our website where you will beable to view your Museum piece as it switches over. This being said, since opensea stores the data internally we have created a script to automatically ping them to refresh the meta. Since its OS and they do OS things, this may not be instant. You may need to hard refresh on your end if OS can't handle their shit.

How much to mint?

0.04ETH + gas. Diamond hands only 💎

How many are there?

There will only be 4,801 Museum Punks. 28 will be reserved for team and future giveaways.

Is there any rarity?

No there isn't any rarity or traits in these artworks! They are as they are. It's a collectable.

How can I get one?

The links to the minting page will be made public on our official twitter, discord and website. We will never DM a link. Please use official channels only.  

Museum public mint date will be 10/7 at 1pm EST. 

*6th Oct 1pm EST: Whitelist A (already full)

*7th Oct 7am EST: Whitelist B (US), C (EU/AUS) (250 slots each)

**7th Oct 1pm EST: Public Mint


*Any Whitelist: 3 mints per wallet

**Public: 2 mints per wallet

How many NFT's can I mint?

We are currently going to limit 2 NFT's per address for the public sale. 3 NFT's per wallet for Whitelisters A, B ,C

What are the phsycial pieces?

So there are 10 NFT's which are being made into physical framed artworks. These are Museum Punks #8146 #795 #1374 #7610 #2314 #6095 #6740 #8219 #9159 and #5822.

All pieces are claimable (free) by the person that mints those numbers.



Whats the roadmap? The most annoying question.

NO! We are not promising to make a 3d game! NO we are not going to overpromise and BS a fake roadmap. You are joining the family at Museum that has generated kickass collectable art.

Yes we are looking to do future drops. Yes we plan to have a voxel museum.  Our main concern right now is to just build a great community of art lovers and deliver a successful first exhibition. The rest will follow. 

Like with anything. If you are
forgoing rent to buy NFTs to 1000000x your investment in 1hr please do not set those expectations on us. It is up the market/community to determine the success of any project. We will deliver what we set out to intend.. But make your own critical personal financial decisions when investing.

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