Museum is a generative NFT project that shines light on the historic, artistic, and cultural significance of NFT art.


Every unique piece will continuously morph into an identity that matches the calendar day of celebration. Just as humans wear their Sunday best for Christmas Eve, or join at the park for a spliff on 4/20, so will the NFTs change according to the landmark days celebrated in the crypto world. 


Your art, your calendar of history. 

© Museum


The White Room of the Museum is refined artwork of 4801 Museum Punks. There are currently 24 landmark days which have been recognized and deployed in this project and more to come with the creational help of the community. 
Each NFT will morph into that calendar identity on that given day.

Each identity will be live for 48hrs.


Default Identity


Birth of BTC

January 12


National Pizza Day

Febuary 9


National Dr. Seuss Day

March 2


April 20


National Beer Pong Day

May 7


Christies Punk Auction

May 11


Bitcoin Pizza Day

May  22


National Sex Day

June 9


Birth of Crypto Punks

June 23


National UFO Day

July 2


Birth of Ethereum

July 30


National Thrift Store Day

August 17


National Toasted Marshmallow Day


National Video Game Day

September 12


National Bubble Gum Day

September 29

August 30


Free Ross Ulrbicht

October 1


Banksy Shredder

October 5



October 31


National Stress Day

November 3


National Fast Food Day

November 16


Banana Art Sells

December 4


National Hodl Day

December 18



December 25


New Years

January 1

+ More to be added with the curation of the community.


The design of the framed pieces draws inspiration from the official Larva Labs exhibition which was held in 2007.


Paying homage to the creators. 



The utmost care is used in your framed work.


Each artwork is reworked in a unique abstract expressionist style, using distinct paint strokes laid on a textured canvas. 


Your Museum Punk name and edition number is signed on the flat white matte that encompasses your art.


Here at the Museum we have a tentative schedule of future exhibitions with other collections.


For a taste of the work maybe to come, is a pre render of Museum Ape #9189.


What is Museum?

Museum is unique generative NFT art project that looks to capture distinct moments of our history. Each unique NFT will change identity (for 48hrs) inspired to that specific day on the calendar year.

How much to mint?

0.04ETH + gas. Diamond hands only 💎

How many are there?

There will only be 4,801 Museum Punks.

How can I get one?

Museum mint date is yet to be announced. But we will try and pick a day/time when gas is not crazy. We all know how it feels to pay ridiculous gas!


Stay up to date and join our discord here.

What does the future hold for Museum?

We are looking at creating an empire and expanding to more exhibitions with collaborations with artists and/or collections. The sky is the limit with Museum. We are a friend to quality projects.

At 100% sales we will be building out the Museum in the crypto voxels where we will interchange the artwork and showcase what we have built as a community.

Who is in the team?

All of our team has a background in art whilst specializing in other areas.

NFT Caviar (the creator) is an artist who has held many exhibitions in irl around the world. His love for fine art shows in his detailed approach to Museum. Where quality is paramount.


Glitched Guy is marketing and community king. He also is a skilled 3d artist and creative powerhouse. 

Diablo Designer is head of Opps is also a skilled designer at Dtory and is a great 2D and NFT artist.